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Helping Hand

I want to offer you a helping hand

If you are struggling with depression today, I want to help you in any way that I can.  I have created some free resources that I pray might assist you in your battle with depression.


So often during my struggle with depression I couldn't find practical, rubber hits the road steps to do in order to get better. Here are some things that helped me.

I hope they help you!

Love, Allison

Bible Verses for Depression

Print out these 3x5 cards I made. 

Keep them in your pocket,

tape them around your house,

keep them in your purse.

Say them OUT LOUD when you are struggling. That is how you use the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God to fight depression. 


Bible Verses for Spiritual Warfare

If you've read my 3 Part Blog Posts and realize that you are fighting an unseen spiritual battle. Print out these 3x5 Bible Verse cards. Say them OUT LOUD often and wield your spiritual sword against evil. You are more than a conqueror my friend!


How to Help a

Loved One with Depression

Every year, roughly 14.8 million Americans experience depressive symptoms. If you have not experienced depression yourself, you probably have a loved one or close friend who has. I have put together some resources that I think would be helpful to those of you that want to know how to help. 

Couple Hugging
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